Submission Guidelines

Contributing Author Submission Guidelines

1.  All submissions must be original works of the author, or his/her designate/employee, and posted to the credit of the Canada Weds approved expert author. Regurgitations or duplicate content of an article by the same author may not be posted. Excessive referenced quotes comprising the bulk of an article are not allowed. There will be a zero tolerance for submission of plagiarized work; copying of any other individual’s or entity’s works is strictly prohibited. Where this occurs, a lifetime author ban will be enforced. Further action may be taken by those individuals or entities whose works were infringed upon.  In sum, you must hold sole and exclusive rights to the works submitted.

2.  Submissions may express preferences, recommendations, tips, research facts, analysis and/or suggestions based on the author’s subject matter expertise. Primarily, submissions should provide relevant, useful, topical information that would benefit Canada Weds target audience – typically brides and other wedding industry participants. Submissions must not be overtly promotional, self-serving, clear advertisements or provide misleading information or advice. Press release-type submissions will not be approved.

3.  Submissions must be fully checked for proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, and coherence. Well thought out and articulated topical submissions will only be posted. Submission quality and approval is at the sole discretion of Canada Weds (Annex Media Marketing, Inc.). Support will not be provided by Canada Weds on how to improve your article for approval.

4.  Submission titles should be in title case (not all caps). The body of the posting may use bold text only where appropriate (e.g. subheadings). The body shall use regular sentence case formatting.

5.  Submission titles should clearly define the topic being discussed. The title and body shall not be overtly keyword “stuffed”.

6.  Submissions should be no less than 300 words and no more than 4500 words.

7.  Submission content must be “clean” and suitable for mass audiences of all ages. Content must be free from profanity, misleading advice, vulgar language, slanderous, defamatory, libelous, pornographic or otherwise offensive or illegal content. Classification and submission rejection will be at the sole discretion of Canada Weds (Annex Media Marketing, Inc.)

8.  Although Canada Weds (Annex Media Marketing, Inc.) has at its full discretion the ability to reject articles or revoke expert author privileges, it does not mean that claims or statements made within submissions are fact-checked. This does not waive the contributing author’s responsibility to comply at all times with author guidelines, copyright and other laws that may apply. It is the author’s sole responsibility to appropriately reference content within their submissions, as appropriate and required. Approved authors agree and understand that Canada Weds (Annex Media Marketing, Inc.) shall have no responsibility for actions taken against authors for submissions posted to the Canada Weds website.

9.  One active link may be included within the submission that is relevant and provides supplemental value to the reader. Links and html may not otherwise be included in submissions save for the concluding author signature, whereby the link may be active. The link may go to the author’s business website, personal or business blog, or organization with which they are affiliated – not to promote any other interests or entities. All outbound links on Canada Weds may be activated or deactivated at the sole discretion of our content editors (Annex Media Marketing, Inc.).

10.  Author signatures must be comprised of first name and last name (alternatively first initial, last name). An “entity” name or professional title may not be inserted in lieu of an author name.  The format shall be a) author name, b) title c) website (optional) – exclusively.

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