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Why Candles Are a Smart Choice for Wedding Favor Giveaways

When considering ideas for wedding party favors, consider candle wedding favors! CanadaWeds.ca editors share why candles are a great, elegant, and budget friendly choice for wedding keepsake giveaways. Create a warm reception glow with candles to match any wedding decor!

Top Makeup Tips for the Canadian Bride

Canadians women love their make-up…sometimes! For your wedding day, it has to be just right. For your wedding day, Canada Weds editors provide you with tips for getting your wedding day makeu-up just right!

Types of Wedding Tuxedos – Tuxes Fit for a Groom!

The wedding gown is a big part of the wedding plan, but don’t forget the Groom and his tuxedo! Or tuxes for the wedding party, too! Canada Weds shares some great advice on the hottest wedding tuxedo trends and what’s hot for the 2011-2012 tuxedo wedding season.